History of MedLink

MedLink has been serving the healthcare community for over a decade, with products & services designed specifically to help physicians collect, manage and share information. Throughout our entire history, we have focused on developing tools for doctors that were Simple, Secure & Affordable, and that commitment continues today.

MedLink International was founded by three physicians in the mid 90's as an answering service for doctors. In 2003, the management of MedLink moved the company away from its traditional business plan and towards the emerging market of healthcare information technology (HIT). MedLink initially focused its energy's on creating a virtual private network (VPN) for the medical community that would allow physicians, labs, hospital personnel, radiology centers, etc. to securely and efficiently communicate with the rest of the medical community. The MedLink VPN which has been installed at various locations around the U.S. is allowing the medical community to communicate while adhering to the HIPAA privacy laws.

In 2005 MedLink developed the MedLink EHR, which has been continuously enhanced to create MedLink TotalOffice, which includes features such as scheduling, billing, electronic medical record, patient demographics, document management, e-prescription, e-labs, remote PACs, note templates and much more. MedLink TotalOffice allows the physician to utilize a complete turn key solution to manage their practice.

Company Milestones
  • Founded in 1997 by physicians to enhance communications within the healthcare community on Long Island
  • 2003 Focus on Medical Systems Integration- Developed MedLink VPN Framework
  • 2005 created MedLink EHR, billing & scheduling
  • 2005 Partnered with Access Imaging and Landmark Imaging in southern California to deliver images and reports directly to physicians.
  • 2006 Partner with Doshi Imaging to begin deployment of EHR Lite
  • 2007 Partner with Kodak & Medavis for EHR/Remote PACs/RIS integration
  • 2007 Opened Software Development and Support Office in Hyderabad, India
  • 2007 Acquired Anywhere MD, Inc- adds an additional 4,400 physicians to the MedLink Network
  • 2007 Introduce MedLink TotalOffice
  • 2007 Open New Data Center in Melville Long Island
  • 2007 Endorsed by New York County Medical Society

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